Canadian History Mini-comics #1


Brush marker and marker on sketchbook paper

Anyone who knows me know I love two things, tea and history. As the son of a historian, history nerd and a life-long wargamer it was natural for me to write autobiographial comics as a record of our times.  Although I’ve done historical comics before (A Short history of the Longest Undefended Border, A Short history of the Pig War, The One-page History of the Franco-Prussian War, Volk) I havn’t done as much as you might expect.  One reason is that I take history very seriously and I was always afraid of getting my facts wrong through poor research.  But I’ve decided there are stories to be told and while honest mistakes and disputes over facts and interpertation may occur I can only say I made an honest effort. The more you learn about history the clearer it becomes history is less about facts and more about interpertation.  And politics. I will admit that the stories I tell are all so far about military history (3 of the first 4 are about forts) and so far half are about the West Coast but that’s who I am and where I live but there are so many more stories to tell.